The different types of baseball gloves commonly used

Baseball is a very famous sport around the world and has been gaining lots of players and audience. A major role is played by baseball gloves in this game. It is hardly possible to play the game without these leather gloves. Therefore these need to be of the best quality that suits the player and his position. There are many factors involved in the selection of the perfect baseball gloves. Some of these include the position of the player, the age of the player, leather quality and price. These determine what kind of baseball gloves suit the best for you. However there is a wide range of baseball gloves according to their uses and shape and sizes.

The variations

There are various tasks to be completed in the game and this give rise to the need for different designs of baseball gloves. The players need to be perfect in the game and thus they need a perfect glove to support their abilities. Therefore it is very important to select the best quality and best design of baseball gloves. The different types of gloves allow you to play with more perfection as per the required task.

The major varieties

There are mainly two positions on the baseball game, namely infielders and outfielders. Both these positions vary in their requirements and hence the designs of baseball gloves also vary for them. Let us discuss both.

Outfielders’ Gloves: These are among the longest gloves known on a baseball field. These are generally 12 to 14 inches long and are designed specially, for outfielders to give them a wider coverage. This allows them to catch in the most appropriate way and very easily. There are also deep pockets within the gloves which prevents the ball from popping out from the glove. The webbing done over this baseball glove is the most appealing part of it. This design is visible when the player takes up his hand to catch a shot.

Infielders’ Gloves: Deft glove work and quick reaction time are two major requirements of an infielder. Therefore an infielder’s gloves are usually small in size and are composed of light weighted materials. These allow the infielder to play well. The normal length of these gloves is 10-11 inches and also consists of shallow pockets. Through these features the second baseman is allowed to transfer the ball to the other in a very short interval. Therefore it is important for an infielder to get the right designed gloves. However the third base and shortstop players are suggested to use slightly longer gloves. These are made with deep pockets and open webs which allow them to play better.

The Need for the best

The type of gloves you use will surely affect your game therefore it is necessary to use the perfect style of baseball gloves. The gloves should the position and requirements of different baseball players. Also these should be able to give proper protection to your hands. As per the actions needed by the players, these should have appropriate pockets.

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